South Central Regional Public Health Network

Contact Information

Donna Tighe
Public Health Advisory Council Lead
Phone: 603-425-2545

About Our Region

The South Central Regional Public Health Network is a collaborative working to enhance and improve public health-related services within the region. The South Central Regional Public Health Network is hosted by the Derry Health Department. The mission of the Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network is to support cross jurisdiction, multi-sector planning for the delivery and coordination of regional public health services.

Public Health Region

The public health region served by the Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network includes the towns of Atkinson, Chester, Danville, Derry, Hampstead, Londonderry, Plaistow, Salem, Sandown, and Windham. The Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network serves approximately 138,000 people living in these communities.

Regional Public Health Advisory Council

The South Central Public Health Advisory Council is comprised of community leaders and representatives from a diverse group of community sectors. The primary work of the Council is to set regional health priorities, provide guidance to regional public health activities, and ensure coordination of health improvement efforts.

Priorities for Action

  • Continuum of Care – The South Central Public Health Network provides leadership and coordination in developing a comprehensive, effective, and well-coordinated substance misuse services Continuum of Care (CoC). This work includes convening subject matter experts and stakeholders to identify assets and gaps and to develop regional plans that initiate cooperative actions that increase awareness of current services, remove barriers to accessing services, increase capacity of existing services, and develop new services to fill gaps. The South Central region has identified Behavioral Healthcare Access and Substance Misuse Prevention, as two of the five health priorities in its Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP). The region’s vision statement for the continuum of care development is as follows: A seamless network of motivated and qualified individuals and organizations providing substance misuse prevention, early detection and intervention, treatment and recovery services through an integrative delivery model that addresses the bio-psycho-social elements of substance use disorders. The South Central Public Health Network has completed an assets and gaps scan to identify resources, gaps and barriers that impact regional capacity and is using that information to enhance regional outcomes. For more information about the South Central Public Health Network’s work regarding the continuum of care, please visit:
  • Substance Misuse Prevention – South Central Regional Public Health Network provides infrastructure, leadership, and coordination to increase the number and reach of evidence-based substance misuse prevention programs, policies, and practices implemented in the region. Utilizing an asset-based public health approach, the network coordinator, the Regional Prevention Roundtable, and partners engage and support the business, education, health, safety, government, and community and family supports sectors in the implementation of the region’s strategic plan. For more information about Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network’s work regarding substance misuse prevention, please contact Pam Santa Fe, Prevention Coordinator, at (603) 845-5541.
  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness – South Central Regional Public Health Network provides leadership and coordination to improve readiness for public health emergencies and threats. This work includes the maintenance of a Regional Public Health Emergency Response Annex, which includes plans for response to and recovery from public health emergencies that impact communities in the region. In addition, Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network works closely with hospitals, municipal emergency management directors, and other governmental, public health, and health care entities to plan for public health emergencies and ensure the provision of public health, medical, and behavioral health services before, during, and after an incident. For more information about Greater Derry Regional Public Health Network’s work regarding public health emergency preparedness, please contact Garrett Simonsen, Preparedness Coordinator, at (603) 845-5539.
  • Emergency Volunteers – South Central Regional Public Health Network coordinates efforts to recruit, train, and deploy a volunteer Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) during public health emergencies. The MRC supports local emergency responders to provide emergency public health services throughout the region. MRC volunteers include medical, public health, and non-clinical professionals. For more information about the Greater Derry MRC, please contact Jennifer Neary, Volunteer Coordinator, at (603) 845-5540.