How Public Health Affects You

Time Activity
7:00am: You get up and look out at a beautiful sunrise thanks to ongoing efforts to monitor and improve air quality.
7:15am: You start your day with a good breakfast, remembering your doctor’s advice to eat more fruit and less fat.
7:30am: You brush your teeth with safe, clean water knowing your wastewater goes into a properly designed and operating sewage disposal system.
8:00am: You take the kids to school reminding them to “buckle-up for safety.”
8:30am: At work, you learn there is a new no-smoking policy intended to better protect worker health and safety.
10:45am: Your co-worker gets back to the office from taking her two-month-old infant to the doctor for her routine examination and immunizations.
12:00pm: You order a turkey sandwich and bottled water for lunch. You are comforted to know public health staff inspect the restaurant and train food service workers in sanitary techniques.
1:00pm: Your middle school student attends a health class, which is delivering a series of evidence based curriculum addressing alcohol and other drug prevention.
3:00pm: You tune into your local radio station and hear a notice for the town meeting regarding the closure of the local landfill.
5:30pm: Back home, you and your kids go for a bike ride around the neighborhood taking care to wear helmets to protect against head injuries and trauma.
6:00pm: You attend a parent information series at your local school on how to talk to your child about your family rules and values about not using alcohol or other drugs.
6:30pm: Your family washes their hands to protect against infections and the spread of communicable diseases and sits down to a balanced dinner.
8:00pm: Your 17 year old daughter drives home from her part-time job and is safer due to the new drugged and drunk driving laws in effect in NH.
9:30pm: You and your family go to bed. Tomorrow is another day and many people and organizations will be working to make it another safe and healthy day in New Hampshire.